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Fertility Mentoring Program

This program is a comprehensive 12 month course, incorporating 11 in-depth online modules throughout the year. Join a growing number of practitioners who have graduated and are incorporating their learning into their practice.

There is no better feeling than seeing men and women who have struggled to conceive finally hold their baby in their arms.

Best-selling author and international speaker Stacey Roberts, PT, MH Naturopath 

A best-selling author, Stacey wrote “The Fertility Bible: Your Five Step Fertility Solution to Becoming Pregnant Naturally or with IVF.” In addition to writing about natural fertility, she has authored or co-authored seven books/e-books about fertility issues.

Stacey has been featured on World News Now in New York, Oprah and the Discovery Channel, as well as other radio and television shows in the United States and Australia. She has led seminars on natural fertility, musculoskeletal assessment and men’s and women’s health issues.

"As a Pharmacist and Naturopath with a special interest in women's health and couples fertility, I am always looking for credible research and cutting edge information to utilize in my practice. Stacey's Fertility Mentoring Program definitely delivers on both counts. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their knowledge to the next level."

Jo Lipinski
Pharmacist and Naturopath

"I have been working as a naturopathic practitioner for 14yrs and I have been enrolled in the Baby Maker Network program for just over a month now. I have already received a lot of new and practical information as well as excellent support from Stacey. The structure of the on-line lessons make it much easier to move through the program as each part is 30-40mins, so I have been able to watch episodes easily before/after work and in between consults. So far this program and the support I have received from Stacey has exceeded my expectations. I'm excited to be able to share up to date research and natural fertility techniques with my patients already."

Diana Arundell

"The Baby Maker Network and its online Fertility Mentoring Program has helped me become a more confident practitioner. The information presented is by far the most comprehensive that I have been exposed to. Great structure, relevant research and clinically applicable!"

Kim MacDonald
DPT, Naturopath

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For physicians, naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other practitioners who want the latest education in infertility treatment for your patients.


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