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The Baby Maker Program is a comprehensive 12 month course, incorporating 11 in-depth online modules throughout the year.

Each module features a masterclass in the known etiologies of multiple conditions relating to infertility, a clear review of how these impact healthy conception (and general health), investigation into suggested pathology, result interpretation and clear clinical guidelines for intervention.

Each monthly module provides a total of 4-6 hours of learning, broken up into several 30-45 min sessions for ease of learning.

FREE lesson: PCOS and Fertility

Take a "test run" with the Fertility Mentoring Program! The video below is the first in a series of masterclass lessons on PCOS. This is a great introduction into this comprehensive nature of the Fertility Mentoring Program. Press play and enjoy the lesson!


MODULE 1: The Many Faces of (In)Fertility

Module 2: Going from Unexplained (In)fertility to Pregnant (Part 1)

Module 3: Going from Unexplained (In)fertility to Pregnant (Part 2)

Module 4: Thyroid Adrenals and Fertility

Module 5: Male Reproductive System and Fertility Issues

Module 6: PCOS and Fertility

Module 7: Secondary Fertility Issues and Support During ART 

Module 8: Addressing Recurrent Miscarriage/Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Module 9: Addressing Fertility Over 40 (or 35)

Module 10: Endometriosis and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Module 11: The Business of Fertility

Additional topics that will be covered throughout the course:

  • Fibroids, Cysts and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB)
  • Luteal Phase Defects: Causes and Considerations
  • The Importance of Temperature Charting: How to Read Them
  • Appropriate Testing for All Dysfunctions
  • How to Increase Patient Compliance
  • How to Build Your Practice (including business building modules)
  • Safe Concurrent use of Herbs During IVF
  • Optimal ranges for labs will be shared in the 4th module.

When you complete this course...

Successful completion of the modules, and related quizzes, will qualify participants to be promoted by the Baby Maker Network to the public. This was formed to create an atmosphere that promotes continual learning and collaboration for the development of healthcare practitioners no matter how many years they have been in practice. The ultimate goal is to create the best and most supportive environment for patients who are facing one of the biggest emotional challenges of their lives as we help guide them to optimizing their health and fertility.  There is so much information about fertility issues that was not taught in university.  Knowing this information will make the practitioner more effective and more importantly give their patients/clients the best chance for conception.

As a member of the Baby Maker Network participants receive:

  • Access to the Baby Maker practitioner private forum
  • Unlimited access to all past modules
  • Access to the Baby Maker referral worldwide network of natural fertility practitioners Bonus material, e.g. ongoing business building support
  • The opportunity to build your profile as a fertility specialist in the industry and ongoing mentoring
  • Submit cases studies for review

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